Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Asiedu Nketiah aka General Mosquito, never ceases to amaze students of Ghana politics anytime he mounts the political platform.
With his witty pronouncements, nothing he says passes by without his listeners having a good laughter, or something to occupy their minds for a while longer, to douse the Republic’s stoking political flames in an election year.

But that of his yesterday’s (7/9/2020) witty allegory at the National Democratic Congress (NDC) “People’s Manifesto” launch got all Ghanaians who heard him, thrown into an unstoppable laughter.

Called to explain to the party faithfuls why the NDC hierarchy sought to consorting the masses for their say in the manifesto drafting, instead of drafting in the air-conditioning party offices, by the party’s intelligentsia, the General of Ghana politics used a terse story to explain the decision taken by the party, receiving a rapturous applause from the partisan gathering at the UPSA Campus in Accra.

Comparing the “People’s Manifesto” to the drafting of Ghana’s longest Republican constitution, the 1992 Constitution, that was contributed to by market women, farmers, labourers. …. the common men and women in the street; the general rode on the back of a funny, albeit witty allegory to drum home his point.

In a story laced with suspense to its conclusion, the General held along all the listeners to a happy ending, of a company manager who sought to find amongst his employees who stole always the company’s product – ladies panties.

The Manager would search pants down when the workers closed for the day, going home, but no panties were found hiding in their bags, pockets, or concealed in the panties the workers were wearing.

Then one day, a Watchman (security man) at the work place suggested to the Manager to rather search the workers when they’re entering the factory, rather than only frisking them when they’ve closed going out, exiting.

The Manager at first saw the Watchman’s suggestion as risible, and does not make sense to be practicable.

Nonetheless, he was reluctantly convinced to try that solution of the Watchman, since he keeps on losing at the factory of the panties, and the revenue thereof.

Then one morning, unsuspectingly, as the workers were entering the factory, they were stopped to be searched. And lo and behold, the solution was found, the thieves were apprehended, and the Watchman became a hero, saving the company from collapsing.

It ended that, none of the workers came to work with panties on. The unaccounted for panties were the ones the workers wore when they were leaving for their homes.

Drawing a moral lesson from his story, Asiedu Nketiah, who is also the General secretary of the NDC party, said: “there are at times you’ve got to listen to the Watchman, the common men, when you don’t find the needed solution”. Hence the “People’s Manifesto”, going into the 2020 polls.

Whoever was at the gathering or followed the manifesto launching through the media, would if for nothing at all, remember what General Mosquito said, as the true meaning of the NDC’s 2020 Electioneering Manifesto dubbed “The People’s Manifesto”.

Written by: Charles Yeboah (Sir Lord)
Contact: +233249542111

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