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Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) Bibiani Taxi Branch Chairman, Nana Kyem Baidoo popularly know as Nana Badu who double as Bibiani Praga Chief (Odikro) has blasted former president the Republic of Ghana John Dramani Mahama’s promise to legalise the Okada business (Motorcycle For Commercial Purposes) is not right.

According to Chairman Nana Badu, the Okada business is in contravention of The Road Traffic Regulations, 2012(LI 2180) sub-regulations 128&84, which express totally not to used motorcycle or tricycle as a commercial purposes.

Sub-Regulations 128 of The Road Traffic Regulations on the year 2012(LI 2180) reviewed:

128.1. The Licensing Authority; shall not register a motorcycle or tricycle to download or carry a fare-paying passengers.

128.2. A person shall not use or permit a motorcycle or tricycle over which that person exercise, control to be used for commercial purposes but for only delivery purposes.

Besides these laws was made by Ex. President John Dramani Mahama’s 2012 but now has turned again on his campaign tour last Friday 21st Auqust 2020 at Kpando in the Volta Region promised all the Okada drivers to voter for him because he is coming to make Okada business legal.

Nana Badu further explain that, he is urging our former president John Dramani Mahama’s to stop that campaign promises because it went work.

“I call on our members and the entire taxi driver association who values their service they will render to show up and vote massively against him, so they only need a government who care for them and finally give their full support.

Again, The Transport Consultant And Road Safety Expert, has warned against the use of regularisation of the Okada business to our nation.

“The risk involved is very huge. In Western North Region alone we have a lot of very accident dead and fatal cases in only Sefwi Wiawso government hospital and Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai government hospital.

Furthermore, Okada business has totally reduce the internal revalue, which has make the government loss alot because over five hundred (500) taxi drivers has stopped working as a taxi drivers.

Nana Badu therefore appealing to the current government and any government who will come to power not to legalise that motorcycle as a commercial purposes because they have case financial loss to the state.

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Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU)
Bibiani Taxi Branch Chairman.

Nana Kyem Baidoo popularly know as Nana Badu ( Bibiani Praga Chief)

Story By: Nana Nyarko

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