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Pastor Blinks

Movie director and producer Nana Mensah, the man behind ‘ Pastor Blinks ‘ movie speaks after his latest episode got misinterpreted
After the viral video of a pastor shaving the pubic of her female church members, social media has gone wild in search for the man behind the acts only to realized that the scene was a for a movie.

The Pastor in the acts Nana Mensah who is a movie director reveals to a source that the movie was meant to educate the masses about the tricks of fake pastors who goes around duping their victims in the name of miracles.He said; the ‘Pastor Blinks Movie’ is not a deliberate attempt to disgrace men of God but to caution the Public against Fake Pastor-Nana Mensah, Pastor Blinks Movie Director claims.

Back StoryThere was a viral picture trending on social media, in it, a ‘pastor’ was seen touching the private part of a female church member whiles praying for her.

Peeps thought it was a real incident not knowing it is all but for a movie titled “Pastor Blinks” which was premiered on Saturday-16th of December 2017– at the Global Cinemas at Weija in Accra.

Now, after the publication that, it’s just a poster of an upcoming movie, people came hard at the director— questioning his intention of bringing out such a movie.The critics claim, it is just to disgrace Christians as most of the comments under the viral picture on social media were unpalatable.

He released the continuation( part 3 and 4) not long ago and as usual, it came with some trending pictures making rounds on social media which suggestively —show how a ”pastor” removed a lady’s panties and shaved her armpit during a purported church service.

Pastor Blinks

Sources close the Nana Mensa, the producer and director of the movie had him explain few things.
“My intention of coming out with the Pastor Blinks movie is not to disgrace Christianity or men of God but rather help notice the bad ones as they are rather gaining roots.

“There are a lot of fake pastors all over and the movie reveals some of the tricks and things they do so people will be cautious of them.” Nana Mensa.


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