Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Following the recent happenings in the political race towards the upcoming general election and views of many Ghanaian youth on various social media platforms, there’s no doubt that majority of the youth lack the real meaning of political democracy.

Indeed, Most Ghanaian youth lack the real meaning of democracy. No wonder we are still underdeveloped as a country as our politicians keep manipulating our biggest resource of common sense.

We keep doing politics by tribe, by party colours, by friends, by work colleagues, by sister’s friend, brother’s friend, school mate, etc.
We can’t just sit down, analyze issues constructively and comparatively with other developed countries to make the right decision for the country at large.

I think if we really want to understand proper democracy then we need to read, at least something small about comparative politics by comparing Ghana with some of the developed countries and consider the policies our so-called two big parties are putting forward if they are really realistic for our better future.

The saddest part is that most of us display high ignorance of (really don’t have any idea about) good governance and the freedom, peace and benefits each and everyone will enjoy if we get there.

We have completely been blinded to understand that the nation’s development is more or less a favour done us by the governing political party and the only way we can make it is strongly attaching ourselves to them regardless of their unrealistic policies not to say corrupt, and fighting among ourselves to prove that (releasing insults and propaganda).

Forgetting that with good governance, our own monies (Taxpayers’Money) will be effectively utilized, and one wouldn’t need any political influence to get a job, gain admission to some institutions and study programs, access electricity and portable water, get good roads in our communities, get promotion and positions and finally, my most concern, no political influence to access quality education regardless of one’s background (poor or rich). This is because the system will be working and no corrupt leader can embezzle the nation’s fund for his or her selfish interest where they will be amassing wealth for their families and generations yet to come, enjoying and spending lavishly on unnecessary travels, building mansions and buying expensive cars for their girlfriends (not even wives), etc. With good governance, all these corrupt leaders can easily be exposed and corruption will be eradicated or reduced drastically.

Basically, these are some of the things that should inform our decisions as youth when it comes to politics and national development. Having this in mind means we have at least understood the fundamentals of political democracy.

It’s rather unfortunate that we only think of the former (politics) and not the latter (national development).

May God save our dear Ghana for the future of this country looks scary, dark and not bright.


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