Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

A Member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Legal Team Abraham Amaliba has said that if he had his way, he would have advised his against going to the Supreme Court.

According to him, they will be embarking on a fruitless journey at the Supreme Court because he does not have confidence in the Court and how it’s composed currently.

“If you ask me as the director, I’m one person and I have no confidence in the supreme court. If I had my own way I will advise that the party shouldn’t go to court at all because the court currently composed will not give us justice. That will be my initial comment when I get to the meeting, I may be overruled,” he told Bolgatanga-based A1 Radio in an interview monitored by

To him, Ghanaians were fed up with the Akufo-Addo led administration and the people knew that they will have the opportunity to vote him out.

But the choice of the people was stolen and that has got people on the streets across the country to protest and although he will not encourage protests, he believes that people have the right to express their frustration and it’s in the remit of the security agencies to control them.


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