Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

A young man whose name was revealed as Samuel Boateng 45 years of age has been arrested by the Asamankese police division for murdering his won biological mother by stabbing her with scissors.

The young man who has been arrested by the police has been present before a court in Asamankese which is presided over by Her Worship Mrs. Cynthia Bragodzi who has called for the murderer to be remanded in police custody.

According to reports by the prosecuting officer Samuel Owusu, the incident took place in a town in Asamankese called Yaayo where the young man lived with her mother comfort Ayede who is 65 years of age.

He further stated that the young man on the 20th of December decided to go out and have some fun in the evening but got stopped by her mother who thought it was too late to go out which lead to him stabbing her with scissors and killing her on the spot.

The accused is said to be a drunkard who is divorced and came back to stay with her mother before her untimely death.

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