Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Prof Andy Ofori Birikorang


Good morning sir, I hope this open letter finds you and the entire UEW stakeholders well.

Some of us are overly thankful for your swift intervention in a letter you issued on the February 24,2021 setting the records straight on how the impending Mid semester Quiz should be conducted. I commend your unflinching effort and that of the entire management for a well developed IT system (V Class) aiding teaching and learning in the crisis we find ourselves.

However is has become more worrisome when after the release from your highly respected office, some lecturers have taken diverse entrenched position to conduct mid semester Quiz at the lecture halls (face to face). Notable among such happenings are in the Social Studies department,BBA, Economics Department and many others. What is in intruiging is the ambush method of announcing quiz this week even before the stipulated date in your letter.

Back and forth it is going as most students feel cheated when their colleagues are to use the LMS moodle Platform and take home exams whereas they are to take their quiz in the lecture halls when most especially our Pro VC has already stated the means to use.

Sir, the fundamental questions are, is it that some lecturers have been told different methods to use whereas a different method has been communicated to we the students?
Is it that,your release on the said date quoted above is subjected to the whims and caprises of any lecturer?Well, If not,then why does it seem as if the actions and inactions of certain characters are inconsistent with the letter issued from your respected office.

Sir, I write this morning with much hope and conviction that your office acts swiftly to restore uniformity as in the adopted medium to conduct the mid semester exams.

Thank you

Kwame Asirifi
(Social Studies L300)

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