Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

UEW Tescon is scheduled to hold elections to elect its executive officers to steer its affairs for the next academic year. The elections are scheduled to come off on Saturday, 18th September, 2021.

As usual, some miscreants within the NPP, who cannot win a free, fair and transparent election, are as expected, scheming to impose their puppet candidates on a majority of the students, and proceed to rig the elections for their preferred candidates through the imposition of a suspicious software for the conduct of the elections.

This crook and his associates should know by now that they are the most stupid people ever to walk the surface of the earth, and therefore, should brace up for the shocks of their miserable lives from now onwards.

It is either the Zim Vision Inc. software, aka Zvote, or there will be no UEW Tescon Executive elections on Saturday, 18th September, 2021.
Any Regional Executive Officer of the NPP, who has taken huge bribes from this common criminal and as a result, is bent on deploying a suspicious software that would be used to compromise the elections, is hereby put on notice that, such a software, would NOT be entertained whatsoever!!

If violence should erupt in UEW on Saturday, 18th September, 2021, in respect of the UEW Tescon Executive elections, the person or persons bent on using any other suspicious software other than the tried and tested ‘Zim Vision Inc. software, aka Zvote, should be held liable!!

The Zim Vision Inc. software, was used in the recent UEW SRC Executive elections held on Friday, 10th September, 2021.
In addition, the UEW TEIN Executive elections held on Friday, 17th September, 2021, deployed the Zim Vision Inc. software aka Zvote, in the conduct of its elections.

Therefore, on what basis is the Zim Vision Inc. software aka Zvote, is being snubbed by some Central Regional NPP Executives, in favour of a suspicious and dubious software?

Alhassan Salifu Bawah
(son of an upright peasant farmer)

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