Authenticity Is Our Hallmark


Some Ghanaians on Twitter have been disclosing very interesting reasons for not attending church anymore.
The conversation was initiated by Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson on her Twitter page, and the diverse reasons her followers have been assigning to their decisions to stop going to church are just mind-blowing.

The popular actress who is known on Twitter as ‘Missforson’ with the handle, @lydiaforson, simply asked: “Why did you stop going to church”.

Then, her followers who appear to have been waiting for an opportunity like this for a long time jumped on the tweet to express themselves unapologetically.

While some people cited work as the reason why they do not have time to go to church, others blame the pastors and the churches’ alleged insatiable demand for money as well as hypocrisy by some Christians for their decision.

One Twitter user identified as @Pinkaaso2gh, replying to Lydia Forson’s question said: “Was hurting too much. Still am. Couldn’t handle the homophobia. Plus, it made no sense why I love God so much yet I’m hated by those with whom I love him.”

Another user, @peeyaw12 wrote: “My crush……sake of work I have been skipping work nowadays.”

Then, @Fadamarcus revealed: “My Reverend asked for my tithe book before he signs a document for me.”

Although his claim left some fellow Twitter users shocked, another user, @Dzidew downplayed it, saying: “Asking for your tithe book before signing a document is very normal. Please don’t take it out of context. The tithe book in the Presby church is a membership card. And that’s why he asked for it, not to see how much money you give to the church.”

Meanwhile, @bengazyofficial urged the disappointed Twitter users not to give up on God because of the conduct of fallible humans.

“Don’t stop loving God because he will never stop loving you…Judas was with Jesus but he still betrayed don’t be surprised your Christian brothers and sisters hate you,” he entreats.

It is worthy of note that the Covid-19 outbreak and its concomitant lockdown and restrictions have largely resulted in many people not going to church. Although the restrictions have been eased following the discovery of vaccines and the decline in the infection rate, most churches have yet to see a full return of their congregants.

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