Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

The hackers have found out that people are interested in seeing videos about s3x leak and tapes so they use their own account or use an already hacked Facebook account to post enticing posts.

After you click on the link, it directs you to a blogging website that would ask for your permission to view the image. After you click to give them permission, a pop up would come that looks like a Facebook page login page that asks you to enter your Facebook details.

If you are not smart enough to know that the Login page is fake, you would provide your Facebook details to them which they would use to log into your account.

Meanwhile, Shattav Wale has explained the reason why Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp experienced outages for almost 6 hours yesterday.

Recall Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram went off for some time that caused a lot of mess.

The outage sparked mixed reactions and raised a lot of concerns as to what caused the blackout. Well, the majority moved to Twitter to express their sentiments as it remains the only platform aside Snapchat working efficiently.

In reaction to that, Shatta Wale lamented on some of the problems the blackout caused as he also makes fun of folks affected. He made mention that the mismanagement and misusage of the platforms are what caused the outages.


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