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The All-Africa Students Union (AASU) is keenly following developments in Uganda ahead of the 2021 general elections which is scheduled to take place tomorrow, 14th January 2021. Pockets of political violence and human rights breaches have characterized the upcoming polls, which is of grave concern to AASU.

AASU has observed with dismay how state machinery has been deployed by the Ugandan government against its opponents to stifle their chances in the upcoming elections. We also take cognizance of the abductions of political opponents and critics of the Museveni government.
The continuous disregard for democratic principles and the shelving of good governance ideals by the Ugandan government could only lead to further instability if not checked.

As a union, the wellbeing of African students and youth is of essence to us, hence the appalled state of democracy in Uganda threatens this aim.

AASU demands from the Ugandan government, a secure and peaceful elections that safeguard and guarantee the rights of the citizens of the country especially students and youth.

We further call on on the government to stop abductions of political opponents and uphold their democratic rights.
We call on African Union, the East African Community and the wider international community to condemn the actions of the Ugandan government and demand a peaceful election.

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