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Mr. Emmanuel Awudey Gbeku

The Constituency Chairman of the New Patriotic Party Mr. Emmanuel Awudey Gbeku in the Adaklu District/Costituency has become a threat to the people of Kpetsu, Hehekpoe, Tevikpo and Ahunda-Agekpo all in the Adaklu District/Constituency since the NPP won power in 2016.

He has unlawfully and forcefully taken over the lands belonging to the various communities and families and selling them to some NPP officials and other unsuspecting people. He has on several occasions used the military and the police to prevent the Chiefs and their subjects from cultivating their own lands for their livelihood.

Mr Awudey has now resorted to giving out the farmlands to Fulani herdsmen who are using their cattle to destroy the farm produce of the natives and the landlords. The Fulani herdsmen are also threatening the landlords and their relatives with ammunition and other weapons anytime they visit their farms.

The issue has been reported the Adaklu Ahunda Police and the Assembly Member of Ahunda Electoral Area Mr. Bismark Ganyo who is a close associate of Mr. Awudey on countless occassions but nothing has been done about it.

Mr Awudey has always threatened to kill the lawful owners of the land with evil spirit (juju).
The Torkpete-Ati family who owns the largest portion of the land reported the case to the Lands Commissioner at the Adaklu District Assembly but death ears was turned to their complains.

As things are getting difficult for the youths to make ends meet due to the disturbance of Mr. Awudey and his Fulani herdsmen, the youths have decided to forcefully evacuate them and the people he unlawfully sold and leased the lands to.
The families and the youths concerned are calling on the authorities to get the issue resolved as early as possible to avoid any conflict beyond resolution which will destabilize the peace of the District/Constituency.

Source: Head of the Torkpete-Ati

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