Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

A lady who was invited on Akoma FM’s show revealed how her baby daddy is treating her after giving birth. According to the lady she met the man when she was in her first year at the senior high school. They dated for a while and got pregnant during her second year, so she had to drop out of school

She informed the man and the man told her she should abort the baby. The lady attempted to abort the baby, but it didn’t work, so she informed the man. The man’s mother took the girl to go and see a certain doctor for the aborting. The lady was given a drug to take, but she threw it away and pretended to have taken it because she feared she might lose her life.

The lady finally got pregnant and the man was refusing to take care of the baby because he said he was not working. The lady got to find out that the man was working, but he intentionally didn’t want to take care of them. The lady called the man one day and overheard the guys mother telling her son that they were going to take the baby from her mother when the baby is three years old. The lady is now requesting that the man rent’s a house for them and take care of the child.

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