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Prince David Osei has attacked the government in a fit of rage over the unfair tax that citizens of Ghana are being expected to foot.

The actor, who actively campaigned for the current Akufo-Addo led government, stated that the administration is making celebrities who campaigned for them look like fools because of its terrible decisions.

According to him, citizens who voted for Akufo-Addo because of their faith in celebrities will now hold them responsible for the negative policies, which in fact can be avoided.

He specifically pointed to the citizen’s payment of some extra utility taxes including water, and electricity.

This comes after the information Minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah announced that Ghanaians will have to pay for the free provision of water and electricity introduced by the government in 2020 as part of measures to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Prince David Osei recalled that the premise of NPP’s campaign was the “free” things it said it would provide.

Asking citizens to pay now will just be a case of stabbing Ghanaians in the back, making it look like the celebrities knew about the plot all along.

“If we campaigned for #4more4Nana to do more on the premise of free water and electricity during the pandemic and we turn around to tax the people, then it makes some of us who championed the course look mindless,” he stated.

This he said on his social media page.

Prince David Osei, Kalyos, Bismark the Joke, General Ntatia, BB Bright, Jessica Williams among others actively campaigned for the NPP during the 2020 general elections.

They were mostly captured on social media engaging in street floats, door-to-door campaigns all in the bid to get the New Patriotic Party back to power.

Source : | ghana news daily

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