Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Allotey Jacobs

Allotey Jacobs has launched another fresh allegation which needs to be heard by all. Allotey Jacobs’ absence from the national democratic congress has done more harm than good to the party. The departure of some very reputable members of the national democratic congress is currently a possible reason why they will not have the presidential seat to themselves in the coming election.

Allotey Jacobs after being suspended from the party has been seen lambasting and commenting on certain activities which is currently ongoing on the national democratic congress. The Ndc are however “taken on” on almost a regular basis by the likes of Koku Anyidoho, Allotey Jacobs and many others who are no more with the party.

One of the most difficult things to overcome as a party is having some top officials of the party who are no more in the party talking I’ll and spilling secrets.

Speaking on peacefm later in the day, he made some more allegations and his thoughts on who is going to win the December election. Allotey Jacobs said:I must confess, the various parties are doing tremendous work towards the election.But from my point of view, Nana is currently having an upper hand and can be referred to as a potential winner.

He further responded to claims that during his term of office, there were alleged rules broken in his party by him alongside some embezzlements which he was mentioned in, and all these are false and should be treated as such.I am not against the Ndc or their victory in any way. But what i am against is the fact that some young and teeth sharpened members of the party who do not know anything are refusing to do the needful-he added.

He further revealed that there are members of the party who think they are on top of the world but will one day come to a final stop.

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