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The Church Of Pentecost Convention


The Church of Pentecost-Ashaiman Official Town district climaxed their 5-days 2020 Christmas Convention on Sunday 27th December, 2020 at the Kofi Nimo Park. The Convention which started from the evening of Wednesday, 23rd December, 2020, was in two sessions- Morning and evening. The morning session was held at two centres- Middle East church auditorium for the youth and Central church auditorium for the adults, with selected topics treated for Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings from 8-10am. The evening session started from 6.30pm.

The theme for the Convention was “JESUS CHRIST, THE ONE WHO MAKES ME A NEW CREATION”, taken from 2Corinthians 5:17.

Message For the day

Before delivering the message for the day, the District Pastor, Pastor James Mckeown Asare thanked all who helped in organising the convention and those present. He also thanked those who visited the mission house to wish them Merry Christmas. He then touched on the theme, reading from 2Corinthians 5:17. He proceeded on the topic “Once But Now”. Reading from Titus 3:3-10, he mentioned that, before Christ made us a new creation, there was old life full of fornication, adultery, hatred, stupidity, stubbornness, and the likes. He stated that, anyone who comes to church but still does all those things has not become a new creation. He charged the congregation to live a life worth emulating such as, doing good work, being honest, submit to authority (both in the church and society), speak no evil about anyone , avoid dirty politics among others. He advised those who are employed by members from the church to desist from stealing from them and collapsing the business because it brings disgrace to the church and also blocks chances for others from been employed within the church.

Messages from Interviews

In an interview with the district pastor by the Omega 91.1fm media team, he admitted that, COVID-19 has really affected the district in many ways including the finances of the church and, even the little money in the coffers was used to buy food items for affected members. He mentioned that, initially, the district executives wanted to organize the convention in the church auditorium at zonal levels for the fear of low attendance due to COVID-19 but, the Lord strengthened and gave them the courage to bring all the assemblies together. He continued that, one of the main purposes for a typical Pentecost Christmas convention is to win souls for Christ, and so organizing such an event in a church auditorium would have limited that purpose. With more education on COVID-19 PROTOCOLS , they were enthused to organize it outside as usual.
Touching on the 2020 general elections, he appealed to all politicians to let peace reign. He advised that, anyone who is not satisfied with the results should please send it to the appropriate quarters for redress. He added that, God will hold them accountable for any bloodshed because of this election. In his Christmas message, he admonished all, especially the youth to avoid any situation that will push them to anger or make someone angry.

The District Secretary, Elder Bright Dogbey also mentioned that, the confidence in organising 2020 convention came from the Lord and also the effort put in preparations ahead of time. He stated that, the congregation were well educated about COVID-19 PROTOCOLS at their gatherings in their various assemblies and that has made it very easy to control the large numbers at the convention. He admitted that, the Lord has been good to Official Town district during the COVID-19 period. In his Christmas message, he said Jesus Christ was a man of peace so all the youth should be careful and refrain from any activity that will undermine the peace of the country.

According to Elder Bernard Bosomprah, the District Finance Chairman, the budget for organizing this year’s Christmas Convention was one of the highest and it was because much was involved in putting measures in place to ensure that, all the COVID-19 protocols were met. In his Christmas message to all, he advised all the youth to be vigilant during this festive season. He reminded all to note that, COVID-19 is still in the country so they must observe all the necessary protocols wherever they go. They must also be cautious of what they do, eat or drink because God is watching them wherever they are.

Deaconess Kesia Duvor, the District Women’s Leader mentioned that, women and children were the most affected in the district due to COVID-19, especially during the lockdown period. Using herself as an example, she said as an educationist, who owns a school, the close down of the schools has taken her livelihood away and same applies to the businesses of many women and it took the grace of God for them to survive till date. Touching on the 2020 general elections, she appealed to the politicians not to let the peace we enjoy as a country slip away because of the election results. She mentioned that, she and her district executives fasted and prayed three times in a week before the elections asking God to grant us peace before, during and after the elections and they believed God listened to their prayers and so, the politicians should not let their spiritual effort as women go waste. As part of her Christmas message, she advised all women to be content with what their husbands give to them during the festive season and love them for that.

Activities/Ministration/General Observations for the day

The opening pray was powerfully led by Ashaiman Area Women’s leader, who doubles as Ashaiman GPCC women’s leader, Deaconess Josephine Donkor. Hot and joyful typical Pentecostal praises with carefully selected Christmas songs followed. Before the worship by Mrs Mavis Mckeown Asare(wife of the District Pastor), there were song ministrations by the District Mass Choir, Pearls of Praise(Middle East Assembly) and The Harp(English Assembly). There was also special Agbadza session by Salvation Assembly (Special Assembly created for the Ewes in the district).

In attendance were all the district executive members (Elder Bright Dogbey, Elder Bernard Bosomprah, Elder Micheal Asamoah, Elder Samuel Saah, Elder C.C. Zuta and Elder Atta Kumi) taking the front role with district pastor on the well decorated platform with beautiful stuffing chairs.

Members from all the nine Assemblies in the district- Central(Domeabra), Middle East, English, Agape, Christian Village, Salvation, Calvary, Zion and Emmanuel were present, numbering about 1164(including children).

All COVID-19 PROTOCOLS were strictly adhered to. About 8 veronica buckets were put at vantage points. The district COVID-19 taskforce and ambassadors, led by Elder Nyame and Elder Wisdom Adjogah made sure everyone was in mask, washed and sanitized their hands and their temperature checked with the thermometer gun. There was provision of enough water at the convention grounds for the refill of the buckets.

The only disturbing situation observed was that, expected attendance was underestimated, so few members who came quite late could not get a place to sit and had no option than to hang around under the canopies. Majority of them were young people.

Sound for the day was superb and consistent, no much breaks and noise. Instrumentation was envious, great machines by all standard with professionalism displayed in operation and playing. Fantastic chorus leading with enough backers, very disciplined(not common at such events).

Security was present through out the convention with some police Officers around to ensured the safety of the grounds and everyone.

Children’s dedication was also done by the district Pastor. About 10 Children dedicated and 37 Converts Baptised in Water.

After everything, it was very beautiful to see all the men (young and old) helping to unmount the canopies and gathering the chairs to be conveyed to their various destinations.

To God be the glory

Reported by Seth Agbofu(DR EYE) and Omega 91.1fm Media Team.



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