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Harriet Thompson who’s the British High Commissioner to Ghana has heightened the desire of Ghanaians over the arrest of one of Ghana’s free commentators on worrying issues in the country who’s also the convenor of the Fix-The-Country movement Oliver Baker Vormawor yesterday. 

Ghanaians hope for proper attention and possible support from the British High Commissioner sounds interesting to them.

Oliver Baker’s arrest over an alleged reckless driving in the early hours of yesterday brought many worries to Ghanaians. 

Here’s how Ghanaians reacted to the news

• As you said it’s a Marathon and many will be against the race, and many will be for the race. Keep on keeping on. Many afar will be drawn nigh by the acts of treachery by the regime. 

• They live with us and they see how Nana Addo governs the country. My regards to her and kindly pass this message to her that come December 10th, 2024 no visa for anybody to leave the country. We are all involved, especially the politicians.

• Wow that’s good to hear and know that at least there is support from the British Government is huge in Ghana. 

• Let’s hope the abuse of public office and power comes to an end. These actors if they don’t stop would be denied visas to their favorite haunts, including their families and friends, and let the chips fall where they may. Good Luck and all the best.

Source: Operanews

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