Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

The popularly known Ghanaian broadcast journalist and editor of the daily dispatch, Ben Ephson has recently come out to share his immense opinions and concerns over the recent drop in the rank of Ghana media in the global press freedom rankings.

Speaking in a recent interview on TV3 Network over the alarming issue that has raised lots of concerns amongst Ghanaians, the editor in chief of the Daily Dispatch, pollster and journalist took the privilege to highlight that, most journalists are undoubtedly reckless and would do whatever it took to gain the recognition of the public even if they had to insult prominent politicians and other leaders in the country.

In addition to this, the renowned pollster also argued that even though during the era of PNDC where journalists were held against their will for attacking leaders in the country, Ghana ranked higher in the works in terms of freedom, unlike recent years and counting.

” There are people in the media who are reckless and the fact that you have access to a media platform does not mean you should insult somebody’ s father that is a thief.

I have done this job for 48 years since 1974; we lived under the military government that the head of state per PNDC law 3 can detain anybody at their own pleasure. That was the peak of media censorship” , Ben Ephson emphatically revealed.


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