Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Controversial Ghanaian political critic and retired musician – Kwame A Plus has incurred the wrath of most Christians on the internet with his latest comparison of Jesus Christ to westerners.

According to blow hard A Plus in a highly arguable Facebook post, it is better for us as people to worship Whitemen than Jesus Christ because they have achieved a lot and done more for humanity as compared to the Christian’s messiah.

He mocked Christians that they want us to worship Jesus Christ for walking on the sea for a few minutes but don’t want us to do the same for the people who have built ships that can “walk” on the sea for more than three solid months.

He mischievously wrote;

“Jesus walked on the sea for some few minutes so we should worship him. So what should we do with a white man who has made a ship which can carry thousands of bulldozer and “walk” on the sea for 3 months You issokay… before those with spiritual understanding will come and insult me“

Below are some of the comments gathered under the supposed blasphemous post.

SK Fianko Larbi – We dont worship Jesus because he walked on the sea, my dear Gomoaman Snr man  We worship Him because He, as the Eternal Word of God is GOD IN HUMAN FORM who died and resurrected from death and lives forever and having placed my faith in Him I’ve experienced His resurrection power changing my life from a sinful life of addictions to one carrying power, control over lusts and grace like Him

Paa Qwecy Michael – Jesus never imposed Himself on anybody to worship Him. Is a matter of choice. No wonder the Bible stated clearly in the book of Titus 3:9 that “we should avoid foolish and unnecessary controversies over such things”. So you need not to argue with anybody whether Jesus walked on water or not but stay focus if you truly know who you worship…. Goodnight.

Ebenezer Kofi Boitse – They say,ships “walk” on the sea due to it hollow nature and I ask,na we humans,don’t we have holes inside us?Religion is the opium of the masses Ampa but politics is gradually taking over.

Kwabi Dave – These are the very thoughts that comes up, when creations wants to challenge THE CREATOR based on secular humanism and philosophical ideologies. GOD is good, and good at the time!

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