Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

An Accra Circuit court has acquitted the General Manager of power 97.7 ,Mr Salifu Maase also know as mugaabe in a false publication case.

The Republic in 2019 brought two criminal charges against them host of inside politics bon Radioxyz ,He was charged with offensive conduct to breach public peace and publication of false news causing fear and panic .

The state said the fireband broadcaster had used offensive words on then IGP and all the police in the country on his show.

He also started that the NPP have planned to cause harm to investigative journalist Manasseh Azure Awuni on march 8, 2019.

Mugabes Counsel Mr Godwin Tamakloe Edudzi sais he , Together and his team quickly defended him against the charges.

We subsequently filed a submission of no case Tamakloe stated. This morning to the circuit court upheld the submission of the no case , acquitted him of the charges.

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