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Ghana’s new controversial education curriculum to cancel BECE, and replace WASSCE with a University Entrance Exam. Social Media has been buzzing with conversations on the content of the ten points outlined in the information.

BECE to be cancelled, University Entrance Exam to replace WASSCE.

The controversial education curriculum will ensure BECE is replaced by a new examination to be called the placement exams at JHS3. Candidates who pass this examination will be enrolled in SHS1 to continue the Core Curriculum programme. The SHS1 students will not study any elective subjects for one year while in SHS1, which is called BS10.

When students progress to SHS3, they will not sit the usual WASSCE by the West African Examination Council instead they will write a university entrance examination and all students who are successful will make it to the University and will be rewarded a Diploma Certificate instead of a WASSCE certificate.

Ghanaians seem divided on the new education curriculum, which the Ministry of Education is yet to officially respond to. Some have argued that the information has been released to test the reaction of Ghanaians, however, these details were also made public when the current curriculum was introduced in 2019.

Some have also indicated that the education curriculum is practised in South Africa, and it’s very effective.

“Without consultation with the necessary stakeholders, this government is out with another unpopular educational policy again. Ghanaian politicians should stay away from our educational systems in the country.” Another comment stated.

Another section of Ghanaians has indicated that changing the curriculum is not the solution to our problems in the education sector, but the provision of the needed teaching resources.

The question may have asked is if the BECE is to be cancelled and University Entrance Exam is to replace WASSCE, will that have any impact at all? Others have raised concerns about the changing of the curriculum without the provision of essential materials to ensure effective teaching and learning.

The issue is not so much with changing curriculum or syllabus. The key problem is the provision and availability of teaching and learning materials. You are introducing technology and computing into the syllabus, but can the government make adequate computers available in all schools across the country? Currently, there is an ICT teacher in my holy village who does not have access to even a mobile phone, he is teaching ICT on the blackboard.” A comment from another commentator.

Other comments left on the post are as follows.

That thing is crap. There is no proper transitioning in the structure. It is made for those living in urban areas. Children from rural areas will not benefit from it.”

“What is so special about this new system? It’s a waste of money and time. The old system is still the best”

Below is a post on the new curriculum

1.  Kindergarten, primary school, JHS, and SHS shall be described as Basic schools. JHS1,2, 3, and SHS1 shall now be referred to as BS7 to 10 respectively. Thus SHS1 will become basic 10.

  1. All students in JHS1-SHS1 shall run a Common Core Programme called CCP which comprises subjects namely Mathematics, and Science. RME (stand-alone subjects), Physical and Health Education (Not examinable) Career Technology, Social Studies, Computing, and Creative Art and Design.
  2. A new examination called National Standard Assessment Test (NSAT) shall be conducted at Primary 2,4,6 and JHS2
  3. BECE shall be replaced by placement exams at JHS3 to enrol students into SHS1
  4. Students in SHS1 shall continue to run the Common Core Programme for one year thus students in SHS1 shall not select Science, Business or Arts programmes.
  5. At the end of SHS1, Students shall write a Common Core Exam into SHS2
  6. At SHS2, students will now have to select either a career-related programme which includes Vocational, Technical programmes of High School Diploma Programmes such as Science, Business or Arts.
  7. This means Elective subjects shall start in SHS2
  8. WASSCE will be replaced by a university entrance examination at SHS3
  9. Students after successful completion of SHS3 will be rewarded a Diploma Certificate instead of a WASSCE certificate

Source: Operanews

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