Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

A young man whose name was identified as DJ Proddy has taken to a WhatsApp page to share his anger at the incident that happened during the election leading to the death of nine people.

According to the young man who upon the look of things is a sympathizer of the NDC has stated that he would take it upon himself to kill the children of the president His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo and also the chairperson of the Electoral Commission.

He further went ahead to call on all to help him in his bid to kill the children and EC Boss as he is not afraid of been arrested.

In the post which was sighted by mynewsghana he cautioned the president and her families to live undercover for the rest of their lives even if he wins the court issue against him.

To conclude he dared anyone to come arrest him if they could as he adds a picture of himself to it.

Taking to the WhatsApp page he wrote saying;



There shall be consequences, I mean, serious consequences. Very very very serious consequences, shall follow the death of our brothers and sisters.Some of us will prefer to die in avenging the deaths of our colleagues.

The most annoying part of it is the media blackout on their deaths.
Nine innocent Ghanaians lost their lives unnecessarily and nobody or media house is lamenting their death???
This is profoundly outrageous, very very unacceptable on the part of every well-meaning Ghanaian.

There’s media blackout on these unfortunate and uncalled-for incidence and outfits such as the peace council, Christian council, Muslim council, the clergy and clerics, celebraties, chiefdom etc have all turned a death ear to our fellow Ghanaians massacre, all because of the influence of some goddamn, mudderf*cking, never-do-well, dumfounded old fool who wants to suppress we Ghanaians and loot all our resources away for the benefit of his clansmen.
Even if our brothers were killed justifiably, we expected the president to have paid his last respect to them.

How can a 78-year old man be on a borrowing spree of loans which the country is to use about 100 years to pay??? And instead of using the loans to build infrastructure which can generate revenue to repay those loans in future, this stupid old fool is looting and wasting these monies on useless projects and when thesame Ghanaians who made him who he’s, decided to unseat him, he thinks he’s a God, and hence can do whatever he wants,for that matter, turned round to murder these same people.
The youth who’re to work vigrously to pay back those unnecessary debts this stupid old fool is accumulating are the very people he’s killing again. Now we don’t how many amongst the injured may die and how many are going to follow, because,we anticipate a civil war in this country after the court verdict. Because these guys have looted us so much so that they’ll do everything possible to remain in power inorder to escape jail.
Did you read the news item that says the chief justice has started transferring judges??

Did you also hear one pastor prophesies of a catastrophy in the coming weeks in Ghana??

If Nana Addo’s administration was revolutionary and hence, was changing this country for good, nobody would’ve lament the lost of any life, because in a revolution, you kill or get killed.
But how can a single clan put their knees on our necks and fleecing our country of it’s resources and we can’t even talk??


I’m so irritated and exasperated that I can’t even write a long piece, but in short:
Let me make it clear to Nana Addo and Jean Mensah.
Our beloved brothers and sisters would not die in vein.
We’re going to avenge their deaths. If it’s we none Akans or NDC, people think that we’re not human beings. Imagine it’s JM who’ve perpetrated this atrocious crime, what would’ve happened in this country???

Imagine it’s the youth of the Akan ethnicity which were murdered under the instructions of a none Akan Psychopath, what would’ve happened in this country??

Nana Addo is a person with a personality disorder, indicated by a pattern of lying, cunning, manipulating, glibness, exploiting, heedlessness, arrogance, delusions of grandeur, sexual promiscuity, low self-control, disregard for morality, lack of acceptance of responsibility, callousness, and lack of empathy and remorse. That’s why he’s prone to violent, corrupt and criminal activities.

Did you see a video of Nana Addo in a night club?? Did you also watch the video of Nana Addo who’s drunk and stumbling in the night??
Also,under this same guy’s administration, he’s never conceded any guilt. How many times did he come to tell Ghanaians that he’s misled and he’s not aware and BULSHIITS???
This same guy never accepted responsibility of every mishapping but took credit of everything even if that was not due him.

This guy has snuffed cocaine, smoked weed and caped it up with alcohol intoxication throughout his life and Ghanaians made a grievous mistake by making him the president of our nobel country. And now look at where he’s taking us to. Which President struggled to win in their second term??
We’re now going to waste another precious moments in unnecessary legal battle,just like what happened in 2012 all because of the selfishness of one guy,Why??? Please,the 2012 election petition was unnecessary, completely unnecessary.

Look Nana Addo and Jean Mensah, we’ll kill your children and your children’s children and your grandchildren’s children and on and on till we wipe out your blood in this country, because, you’re demonic, devilish and sons of the beast. You MUDERF*CKERS are carrying a deadly gene in you and we need to exterminate it in this country. They can migrate to other countries,we don’t care.

Nana Addo, I swear to God above that those our brothers and sisters you murdered will not die in vein, we’ll avenge their deaths.
Even if you win the court case and stay in office for another four years, just make sure you and Jean Mensah’s families live undercover for the rest of their lives.
I also use this platform to announce to all NDC members and all well-meaning Ghanaians everywhere on this planet to take upon theirselves to eliminate Nana Addo’s children and Jean Mensah, wherever you can find them.

DJ Proddy, the youth president declare war on Nana Addo and Jean Mensah and their families. THEY’RE WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE.


My picture is below, if you’re a man come and arrest me, you MUDERF*CKERS!!!!

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