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BREAKING NEWS:Journalist Should Be Vigilant;Scammers On The Rise-Ras King To Journalist And Media Houses.


Exposé on Worldremit and Wave fraudsters marketing on TV stations.

I am by this article going to expose you to some of the scams

A new wave of cyber crime has revolutionalised into an acceptable
phenomenon to the extend of taken over 60% of Ghana free-to-air TV
channels and no body is talking about it.

This is worthy its longness.

1. *Money Doubling Phenomenon of Mallams*

The money doubling phenomenon of Mallams lacks evidence but a separate
investigation and consultations are ongoing, hence many people have
fallen as victims. Please don’t try, it is a scam.

2. *Social Media Category*

Let’s start with their social media marketing style. It always appears like this:


300gh – 1500gh

400gh – 2000gh

500gh – 2500gh

600gh – 3000gh

Same for those who brand their scamming method as Worldremit. Of course
people will blame the victims for falling into such scam. It takes a
whole lot to escape their plot so don’t blame the victims.

The category of these criminals using social media will give you a lot of screenshots about people receiving the money.

When a potential victim express interest, he will be directed to send
it through mobile money. They will tell him to wait like 5 mins. That’s
the time he will start to realise it is all a scam. They will be giving
him more excuses about no network, wait for 30 minutes again.

During this period, they will withdraw the money from their account to avoid reversal from the network center.

After they’ve withdrawn the money, they will tell their victim he
needs to confirm the transaction by an additional amount. At this time,
desperation will tell the victim to demand his money back and if he
demands that, they will block him immediately. The victim will now call
the network center for reversal and he will be informed there is no
money in that person’s account. For those victims who will send the
confirmation fee , the will block him immediately. They just succeeded
in scamming you.

3. *Live Telemarketing Category*

Now let’s go to the most important part of this crime wave. Those who do live telemarketing. I call them real time scammers.

Like I said, the way it is marketed boldly on setllite televisions,
only the well educated and IT sensible person will know it is a scam.
What about those who who don’t know. Below are some of the TV stations
that are grossly in partnership with these fruadsters.

You may
have watched some on Next TV, Aflao Tv, Adinkra TV, Selom TV, Akasanoma,
Big TV, AB TV, Kasapa TV, Nkwa TV, ZTV, XTV…there are more. These
stations will be disclaiming the content shown and as a result, they
won’t even show their logo when playing these scam tapes. Is like
advertising cocaine on your platform and disclaiming the content.

Here are some of the unscrupulous brands of the scams: Orange Money
Benefits, Express Money, Credit Card Money Loading, donation of gift
cards, Nyame Adom Money Company, Carders Joint, Global Money
Beneficiaries, Remital Beneficial….

This is how they work: They
will come live on these stations with a mediator calling himself as the
interviewer, and he will be asking the fraudsters some questions about
his packages and he will be answering like, when you send your money,
they use it to buy credit card online and load it through Worldremit or
wave and transfer bigger amount to you within 5 minutes. Below are their
popular packages.

Send ghs100 and receive ghs1000

Send ghs150 and receive ghs1500

Send ghs200 and receive ghs2000

Send ghs300 and received ghs3000

Send anything and receive *100 of it.

After telling you the packages, they will put the numbers on the screen
to send the money and call back to confirm wether you have received it.
They work in groups. Those in the studio and those outside. Those that
are outside the studio will call and pretend they sent the money for a
package and the one in the studio will tell them to wait as he will
process it in real time. At that point, his cohoots will be seriously
pressing laptop keyboard pretending to be Workin on buying the CC from
darkpweb to load cash for those who just sent their money.



You can also send your experience if you have fall a victim before on this or you can call or wasap on  0502243409.

Kindly Help Us To Expose All The Scammers.

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