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Sad News emanating from the camp of Kevin Taylor and his Loud Silence media explains that, all his broadcast channels on Facebook, YouTube and website portals has been hacked and taken down. While describing the sad and unfortunate news to his followers, Kevin Taylor accused the government of Ghana for masterminding the misfortune against him and his team.

Kevin Taylor explained that, the main reason why he is accusing government is that, he dropped some evidences against President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo and His government.

While telecasting, some unknown people commented that they will delete everything. He didn’t take it serious but went to sleep together with his ghost team.

Fast forward this morning, he woke up to the sad news of losing everything. Kevin Taylor was however sad but not broken. According to him, he is doing everything possible to restore all the hacked and deleted information.

Again, he feels that, this will never stop him from criticising the Ghana government.


Well, that’s courageously good of you Kevin. However, try and do same when NDC is in power. Good luck in retrieving your abusive channel.

Source:Pen Sounds

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