Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Pablo, the policeman arrested in connection with Bullion Van robberies has gargantuan bundles of cash saved in his room.
The policeman arrested as member of the Bullion Van Robbery gang allegedly has gargantuan bundles of cash saved in his room.

This information was released by his girlfriend known as Angie in video which has her crying.

The lady talked about how she never suspected Pablo to be an armed robber until his arrest this week and eventual demise.

According to the lady her friend called to inform her that her boyfriend has his images all over the YouTube as one of the armed robbers in the Korle Bu Bullion Van robbery.

The friend sent her some of the news reports only to be shocked that her own Pablo, a police officer doubles as an armed robber.

She says she called Pablo’s friend and the friend confirmed that the man she calls a boyfriend is a notorious armed robber who take the lives of his victims.

Pablo’s friend then asked the girlfriend how come she couldn’t suspect him when she was so close to him.

In tears the girlfriend said Pablo’s friend revealed to her Pablo the money Pablo has saved in a room is so gargantuan it will take forever to finish.

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