Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

The African Mermaid, Sister Derby has been captured on tape checking into a hotel with Queen Farcadi’s baby daddy, Daniel for a good time on Val’s day.

Sister Derby found love in the eyes of Daniel and the two have been showing off their affection on social media in the last couple of months.

Today being a day for lovers, Sister Derby and her boy-toy were seen at a hotel booking a room for themselves.

Fans on social media concluded that the obvious was going to happen as lovers booking a room in a hotel on a day like this.

With smile on her face, Derby posed for the camera as Daniel paid for the room and wrote his details down.

Another shot captured the room decorated with red and pink flowers on the bed.

This morning, Sister Derby shared a photo on her Instagram page in lingerie with her lover standing behind her.

Her facial expression and caption she added to the image got many on social media jealous.

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