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Can Covid-19 Be A Blessing In Disguise For Africa?

After reading the communiqué issued by the Rastafari Continental Council on Covid-19 pandemic, I pored over the paper with positivity in me as to how instructive it was to the African. That couldn’t keep from me my pessimistic views as to its practicability with we Africans  as carried in this writeup.

The painful aspect of it is that, the Africa Union is puppeteered by the Chinese, how would the Union “demand” their due from their paymaster to meet the liking of the Rastafarians? In our own homes, in our own land, our betters are siphoned out fractionally to our disadvantage. Why, because we’re threatened by their supposed care to our wellbeing. And to us Africans, the Chinese are indispensable.

The very edifice in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, that houses the Africa Union (AU) was built by the Chinese. It came to light not long ago that the Chinese bugged the building, eavesdropping on discussions by our heads of states.

As the *One Ghana Movement*, I keep on saying that: Ghana should exit the AU. We must first build an empire to the envy of our neighbours, if they love our way, they’ll join us. That’s for another day.

Can the Africa Union tell China to stop its brutality against black migrants in the communist country, let alone demanding compensation from them for foisting on us  the scourge of Covid-19 as other regimes are contemplating?

The Rastafari Council deserves commendation for the instructive communiqué issued to their faithfuls sequel to the coronavirus pandemic.

What’s left of the Rastafarians today is to join clothes with that of the One Ghana Movement in words and in actions with this clarion call: Africa should not only bet its hopes on Big Pharma for cure to the covid-19 for a future vaccine. Our bequeathed resources in herbal medicines should be harnessed with the support of not only governments, but entrepreneurs, experts, and philanthropists. Our media should be told not to join their Western counterparts to ridicule African leaders or individuals who announce of a possible cure, albeit  miraculous, being it from Andry Rajoelina’s Madagascar, or Yayah Jammeh’s Gambia. A true African journalists and scientists should be curious instead in all claims  by Africans as to the potency of their magic wand that douses the ravaging flames of the covid-19. It should be scientifically probed by our organic expertise and defended for approval by stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry for African usage.

So far as the chicks will not trust the hawk for healthcare, the mother hen should learn to be a physician.

The Covid-19 should be a blessing in disguise for Africa. It should leave in it’s wake Africans producing ventilators as there is an example in Ghana’s University in Kumasi. A lifesaving gadget thus, that only stand between a patient of the Chinese virus and death was  a drain to Africa’s sorry economy not long ago. With governments’ investment to build on the University’s prototype, Africa is not only adding a boost to the economy, but  being selfreliant also post Covid-19 on healthwise.

As the proverbial bird who befriended the goldfish who couldn’t attend our mother’s funeral in times of need, now is the time Africa weans the self from over reliance on allies whose Trojan horse largesse have comatose our creativity for far too long.

This too shall pass,

Africa will still live its name.

Long live Africa!

Written by: Charles Yeboah (Sir Lord

The Founder Of One Ghana Movement (1GhM*

Contact/WhatsApp: +233249542111


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