Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Abro has revealed that Captain Smart’s mansion in Kumasi was demolished and he got himself arrested for theft.
Ogyam has revealed how Captain Smart’s house in Kumasi was demolished and an alleged arrest for theft.

Kumasi based pundit, Abro says years ago when he used to roll with Captain Smart, a house he was building in Kumasi around Aheneman Kokobeng got demolished over land issues.

According to Abro, the land on which Captain Smart was putting up the building has disputed but the journalist who claimed to be smart ignored the dispute and started building.

Eventually the real owner won a court case and had to demolish every structure on it .

Abro says for someone like Captain Smart to have built on a disputed land shows he isn’t smart as he claims.

He also revealed that during the construction of the Sofolins Interchange, there were reports that some people were stealing the construction material.

Captain Smart whiles investigating the alleged thefts ended up stealing some of the building materials himself.

This got him arrested according to Abro.

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