Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

CCTV has captured a man sleeping with a goat in Koforidua.
A 22-year-old has been captured on camera sleeping with a goat in a farm at Koforidua, the capital of the Eastern Region of Ghana.

The video shows the man moving to a group of goats grazing on a farmland.

He then picked one of the goats and slept with it.

According to the Eastern Region reporter of Akoma Fm, the guy who was captured sleeping with the goat is a certain Baba Illiasu, an employee of the farm owner.

This isn’t the first time he’s slept with one of the goats but the previous times he denied it as there was no evidence.

Unknown to him the owner of the farm recently mounted a CCTV to watch over the animals and how Baba Illiasu and others employed to watch over the animals go about their duty.

Not knowing the farm now has CCTV, Baba Illiasu did his thing again and slept with one of the goats.

With video evidence the owner confronted him again and just like the previous instances he denied it only for them to play the video to him.

Baba Illiasu mood suddenly switched to sober and apologized for his actions.

He was dragged to the Palace of the Koforidua chief where they performed rites to pacify him.

Muslim leaders in the town also demanded he is given to them for them to also perform rites to pacify the lands from this abomination.

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