Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Former President John Mahama on a recent trip to Uganda granted an interview to Face to Face reporter, Samson Kasumba on NBS TV. The duo talked about a myriad of issues about Africa and Ghana. It was an interesting interview as John Mahama shared his experiences as president and now as a former president. Some of the issues discussed included the 2020 elections in Ghana, energy crises, Africa trade, NDC flagbearer race etc.

One of the attention-grabbing moments was when Samson called John Mahama Mr Dumsor and asked if that description was a fair name tag to be given to him during Ghana’s power crises. John Mahama laughed about the name tag and explained that previous government had failed to invest in power generation capacity over the years. He noted that by his tenure the population had increased while capacity was low.

“I took responsibility. Yes, you called me Mr Dumsor. I inherited this problem. I didn’t blame previous government. I was voted to fix things and I fixed it by 2015” John Mahama said. He said that even after all that he did he is still being accused over excess capacity. He boldly told the host that the current government have watched on and now sending the country into another power crisis.

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