Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Ghanaian socialite and Instagram celebrity, Ibrah One has ‘prophesied’ that former American president, Donald Trump will be afflicted with a strange disease in 2021 that will lead to his deafness.
Ibrah One in a Snapchat post said the controversial American politician and business mogul will also go dumb, adding that this prediction will manifest so everyone knows how powerful he is.

He explained that the business mogul will go deaf and dump, adding that this prophecy will manifest for people to see how powerful he is. He further warned Ghanaian pastors not to prey on his prophesy and pass it off as theirs.

He wrote;

“Trump will suffer from a serious disease that will affect his brain next year it will also cause him deaf and dumb this will also come to pass, no pastor should come and lie later that he prophesied about that. Ghanaians should screenshot it and keep the date.#Ibrahone

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