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Chief Imam: Sheikh Osman Sharubutu turns 101 today.

He was born at Accra cow-lane on Apri 23, 1919 by reputable parents from a well cultured and knowledgeable House.

His father, Sheikh Imam Nuhu Sharubutu was the
Imam-Raatib (regular or residential Imam) of the Accra Central Mosque
in the late 1960s to 1982 when he demised.

His mother, Hajja Ayishatu Abbass
popularly known as Mma Tasidi, may her soul rest in peace and perfect
bliss, also contributed immensely to the moral and psychological
development of her son by ensuring that he had the proper home
upbringing to go side with Islamic Education.


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 In 1974, after lengthy discussions among the traditional and tribal
chiefs, academics, Islamic scholars, and religious personalities, a
consensus was reached for Sheikh Osmanu to be appointed as the Deputy
Regional Chief Imam of Ghana, deputising his cousin, Sheikh Imam
Muhammed Mukhtar Abbas who succeeded his father.

The appointment of Sheikh Osmanu as deputy Greater
Accra Region Chief Imam was done in consideration of the unique
qualities, Intellectual capacity, dedication to teaching and passion for
Islam and exemplary lifestyle in him, but he turned down their offer
which was forced on him by the Prominent Muslim Chiefs who persistently
asked him to give it a serious thought stressing to him that it could be
a divine call to serve God.

Subsequently, when it dawned on Sheikh Osmanu
that it was a divine call for him to serve Islam and Muslim communities,
he finally accepted the position as the acting Greater Accra Regional
Chief Imam until 1993, when he was ceremoniously appointed as the
National Chief Imam of Ghana to head the Ghanaian Muslim Communities.

Last year on Sunday, 21 April 2019, the Chief
Imam joined a mass service at the Christ the King Catholic Church in
Accra to mark his 100th birthday anniversary.

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