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CliqAfriq, Where Africa Lives ; Get To Know More About CliqAfriq


Cliqafriq is a Private social media platform meant to bring Africans around the world together. It is our contribution to the Agenda of African Unity.

So that as nations come together, we will also bring Africa Together at the social and corporate level.

The Six Cardinal Principles on which CLIQAFRIQ STANDS.

1. Make Friends

2.Find Love

3.Do Business

4.Find jobs

5.Have Fun

6.Do Research

When it was launched, it saw the Secretary General of the All African Students Union Himself, Launching the Platform

 These are some of the Features on Cliqafriq

1. CliqStore (Market)

2. CliqJobs

3. CliqChat

4. CliqCoin

5. CliqWallet

6. Research Commons

7. CliqTV

8. Blogger

 CliqChat is a platform to allow u to DM someone and chat with the person

CliqJob, helps to find Jobs from around the continent

CliqStore is like having a store of your own, an e-commerce platform to help you sell your product and attract buyers at the continental level

We realised that many people blog articles and then have to be sharong it on other platforms to attract readers.

But on Cliqafriq, the Blogger is such that once you blog there, your article is shared automatically on the platform so thausands can easily read without you having to share it across platforms.

The incoming Research Commons is simply put like a peer review journal

CliqTV is dedicated to telling the African Story.

Presently we operate on android with the app, and the web version

When we opened the one on Playstore, we were ranked number 5 in the whole world when it the social media platform that is trending

The functionality of is very awesome, and we keep developing new features to make it even more prolific

 The challenge we face mainly is the fact that, the west seem to be posting and doing businesses on Cliqafriq more than we Africans for whom the platform was developed

So far is the only social media platform that unlike the rest you can share voice note, share music, create Playlist, etc.

How to download cliqafriq on play store 

Go to play store, type the name “cliqafriq” to search for the app and then you hit on download.

We also have web version “” that you can immediately visit it on your laptop, iphone, android, tablets etc. And then open your account to start using it.

You are invited to this great platform, join CLIQAFRIQ today and enjoy the brauty of social media, the African way.


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