Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Haruna Nuako writes….


Our great party, the NPP, deserves to be handled with the highest sense of responsibility by all. After all, majority of the big men in the party are the kind of big men today because of the party. Why would some individuals want to tear the party into pieces just because they want someone in particular to lead the party into the 2024 presidential election, so as to protect their parochial political interest and gains? Isn’t the party bigger than all those big men who are incessantly tearing the fortunes of the party into pieces with their irresponsible activities?

To say the least, I am profoundly incensed by the statement from the office of the Vice President issued by Dr. Gideon Boako that only seeks to deny the Veep’s consent and knowledge of those ubiquitous irresponsible activities that are being done in his name.

Unfortunately for the Vice President, his statement raises more QUESTIONS than answers. Again, it is equally disingenuous and irresponsible on the part of the Office of the Vice President to have disassociated themselves from those well-funded and coordinated activities, without asking that any activity being done in his name be STOPPED IMMEDIATELY. Perhaps they would have to come again with a statement to answer the following questions:

  1. The statement failed woefully to STOP the said unsanctioned filing of Bawumia posters. Why is the office of the Veep not asking the people filing his posters to stop immediately?
  2. If indeed these people filing the Bawumia posters are blackmailing our Veep and that the Vice President disapproves, why is his office not interested in investigating and bringing perpetrators to book?
  3. One of the groups, The Bawumia Movement, responsible for these activities, gave early notice of this filing of Bawumia posters 3 weeks earlier in live videos, voice audio and short statements giving clear indication of their intentions then. Is our Veep saying he or his intelligence unit never got wind of this?
  4. Again, another group, called Friends of Bawumia, has been launched live on UTV and other networks, and it is currently present in all 16 regions and their national executives and life patron are known. Thankfully, pictures and videos of their various meetings and activities are already out there in the public domain. So, why is our Veep pretending not to be aware of it? And what about the Bawumia Toaso 2024 group and their activities all over the place?
  5. When will our Vice President order for disbanding and dissolving of these groups supposedly working for his early presidential ambition if indeed he is not happy about what they are doing?

I honestly think our Vice President and/or his office must come out fully with answers to the above questions. His genuine responses to the questions raised would greatly serve the interest of the NPP and give credibility to his earlier statement.


Haruna Nuako
Yaa Asantewa Rd., Amakom

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