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Press Release
To all Media Houses

Gallant Cadres of NDC 0241906363

In the face of so many dire predictions of the future and so much uncertainties, where can we find reassurance? Rest assured, history will always guide us into the future. John and Jane ticket is Ghana’s hope

During their manifest launch in Cape Coast some few days ago,, Nana Akufo Addo said “An airport in Cape Coast is not yet justified”, while Dr Bawumia also told the people of Central Region that the Government will construct airport and harbour at Cape Coast”.

   Gallant Cadres of NDC will like to take this opportunity yet presented to clear few cobwebs as far as the ruling government is concerned. Today, the Provision of Wi-Fi connectivity to SHS students, building Airport and Harbour at Cape Coast  are a few of the deceptive promises of the npp so far. The same Dr. Bawumia came to Cape Coast  telling the people of Cape Coast to go for their one million dollars from Accra before it is stolen! Indeed to his words the money never came. Secondly, at the same venue where NPP launched its manifesto  in University of Cape Coast(NEC, New examination center), this same Dr. Bawumia came to give a lecture to the university community about two and half years ago. And when he was done with his delivery ,Professor Samuel Kobina Annim, the current government statistician and other lecturers pooh- poohed his lecture - questioning the data and figures. We recalled Professor Annim called Dr Bawumia out and told him categorically that "Dr. Bawumia you're not honest with the data you're using,..etc. Not that alone, one level 200 student requested Dr. Bawumia to help the University community with WiFi services , as this has been a headache for the students body .   Dr. Bawumia  giggled alongside that "even me as Vice President, I don't have a WiFi connection in my office. " Ghanaians thought it was a joke,but he meant every bit of what he said 
   Today what has changed? We all do know NPP government has no track records in building of infrastructure like University, classroom blocks, hospitals, markets etc We all do know NPP government has no track records in building of hospitals, building of data center,  building of fishing Harbour,  building of Airport, building of water projects, building of roads,. and the list is endless.
     What we do however know is that NPP government has track records in borrowing from hair dressing salon and barbering shops, building kvip toilets, building urinals, track records in borrowing for consumption.

Indeed, we were in this country when president kuffuor took pictures of monkeys dancing on trees as an achievement,recorded hand shake with chiefs as an achievement.
We were in this country when the npp accused Mahama administration of borrowing to the tune of gh 40 billion.
Under John Mahama we can talk of the building of roads, the schools, the port expansion, the data centers, the airport, the universities,..Dr. Edward Omane Boamah writes and we quote- “Over 800 kilometres Eastern corridor fiber from Ho in the Volta region through Oti, Northern, North East regions to Bawku in Upper East. In addition to 300 kilometres Metro fiber within Accra and Tema and 119 4G LTE sites across the country.
Beyond infrastructure, the platform which was jettisoned was implemented alongside the epayment platform…”
Ghanaians woke up to t npp accusations that John Mahama administration used close to gh9 billion to service debt,
Whilst in opposition, the npp said they they were not going to borrow. Today, not only has the npp borrowed ( over gh 140 billions) more than all past administrations from Dr. Nkrumah to Mr. John Mahama put together (which sum up to gh 120 billion), but it is also using gh 21 billion to be servicing debt .
Where did we go wrong as a nation. We must right off the wrongs -NOW!
Rescue mission!!

Mr Richard Ashley, Chairman
Mr Gabriel Yoa Asare,
Richard E A Sarpong, Father Casford, the PRO and Conveynor 0241906363

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