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Our faith-based organization who aims at Our SANCTIFICATION must accept the precautions labeled by Science-based organizations which also aim at proper SANITIZATION during this moments of darkness. (CORVID-19)

That is, during this period, we need both God to sanctify us and humanity to sanitize themselves.

There are faith- base people who think only prayer is necessary at this moment without heeding the precautionary directives of the health organizations, which are more scientific.

There are some who also think we can solve this darkness without God. They only think the application of scientific methods could curb it.

However, faith and reason, prayer and precaution, are two wings of the same bird or two sides of the same coin. Both are needed in moments like this. Each without the other is impoverished.

We pray and hope in God for a cure, but we also have to ensure that the directives of our health-based institutions are observed.

That is, we pray and wash, we seek God and also sanitize. Both will work out well.

In matters like this, we do not only need radicals and fundamentalist who think faith alone will work. Neither do we need radical scientists who think they can do this without God.

The Voice of God resides not only in religious leaders but also our health leaders. The voice of our sanctification and salvation resides in our bishops. The voice of our sanitization and sanitation resides in our so called scientists.

It was therefore out of prudence that our bishops heeded to the precautionary measures labeled by the World Heath Organization in order to combat this Global Pandemic(CORVID-19).

Even though churches are closed, prayers are not ceased. We should take recourse to private prayers and devotions in order to beseech God. In as much as we use sanitizers so too must we  pray. If you sanitize 10 times a day, say 10 short prayers for the world.

Therefore, fellow humans, let us be obedient to the Voice of God in these moments of difficulties, fear and death, and as we pray, we also clean and as we seek God, we also take recourse to our sanitizers.

Thank YOU

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