Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Former Member of Parliament for Kumbungu constituency, Ras Mubarak, has reacted to his poor performance in the just-ended Council of State elections.

According to him, he did his best in the very interesting contest but the delegates felt they needed an elderly person to represent their interest.

We give glory to God; the principle is that nothing ventured nothing gained. In politics, we win some and lose some,” he stated.

The former Kumbungu legislator was dealt a huge blow when he scored zero out of the total votes case.

He was beaten by 61-year-old chief and certified accountant, Zunglana Mahmoud Tahiru, who polled 23 votes out of the 32 to represent the Northern Region on the Council of State.

This poor performance showing, he said, will not affect his zeal to contribute to the development of Ghana.

The fact that we have been unsuccessful in an election does not mean we will not serve Ghana in different capacities,” he said on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen programme.

The former MP was hoping to break the jinx of the election of old people to represent the Northern Region on the Council of State.

“For the first time in 28 years since we have been electing members of the Council of State, I was hoping Northern Region will do something different by sending a younger person,” he stated.

He was, however, happy he has been able to demystify the perception that, the Council of State election is a preserve for senior citizens.

“We put up a bid demonstrating that fact that election to be a member of the Council of State is not the preserve of old people and retirees,” he added.

He said the step he took should encourage young people to take part in Ghana’s democratic process.

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