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People are refusing to sell to my wife – COVID-19 survivor recounts.


Mr Fredrick Drah, a married man with four children and a survivor of
COVID-19 says he will not wish his experience with the disease on

Recounting his experience to the media on Thursday, April 16, Mr Drah
said he fell ill on March 17 and decided to get tested for COVID-19,
the highly infectious respiratory disease caused by the new coronavirus.

The test came back positive and Mr Drah was taken to a specialised
facility at the GA East to receive medical care. He remained at an
isolation ward until last week when he was discharged following his
recovery from COVID-19.

Mr Drah revealed that he was given very good treatment by Doctors and
Nurses at the Ga East Hospital until he was finally declared free from
the deadly COVID-19.

However, Mr Drah reveals that returning home has been even painful
than when he suffered from the killer disease. According to him, he and
his family have been seriously stigmatised by neighbours and other
residents in his community.

He reveals that shop attendants have even refused to sell foodstuff
to his wife while barbers fail to attend to him for fear of contracting
the virus.

“Whenever my wife goes out to buy something from the stores around
us, the stores refuse to sell to them. In some circumstances, even
though they have a particular item, they will not sell it with the
excuse they don’t have it,” Mr Drah said.

He added that children in their neighbourhood have even failed to get
in touch with his children even though every member of his family
tested negative. He pleaded with Ghanaians, not to stigmatise people who
have recovered from the coronavirus and rather be welcoming to such

He also advised people to obey the lockdown directives and adhere to
the washing of hands and the use of sanitizers to keep safe from the
killer bug.

“Coronavirus is real, it is real so please stay at home and obey the
lockdown, wash your hands and use your sanitizers. I have survived but
maybe you will not so please obey the directives and keep yourself

Ghana has so far recorded 641 COVID-19 cases with eight deaths.
However, 83 people have recovered from the virus after twice testing
negative and have returned to their normal lives.

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