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COVID-19:SAD AUDIO-A young Girl Kidnapped And Raped After Receiving A Nose Mask From An Unknown Woman.

The new trend in town is the usage of a nose mask. The purpose of
wearing it is to protect oneself from infecting people or being
infected. It is the new directive from the Government as means of
maintaining and handling Coronavirus pandemic.

This is a story of a young lady who for the sake of stigmatization, her name will be discreet.

to her she happened to meet an elderly who was struggling in carrying
her load. She decided to give a helping hand as courtesy demanded. Upon
request, the woman accepted the request. The woman led the way as she
followed keenly as conversation ensued between them.

The woman in question asked her to consider wearing a mask for
protection because she was enjoying her conversation. After she took the
nose mask, she went blank and the next thing she saw was herself in a
moving car with some two guys.

She tried opening the door but to no avail. According to her
narration, one the guys then placed a white handkerchief on her nose
which caused her to black out again.

She woke up in an non roofed building with some cloth covering her
mouth. She could hear some phone conversation of one of the guys as the
other one was watching her. The guy on phone asked the time of arrival
of the Mallam and repeated 6pm. Again, he asked whether he can rape her
and wipe it with the handkerchief of which the Mallam responded in the

Fast forward, she was raped and the blood that came was wiped with
his handkerchief. Strangely, as they were making merry in other room,
she was rescued and led to the mother’s house by a strange man whom the
mother affirmed to be the dead father of the girl.

The issue took another turn as the lady turned mad two days after
arrival at the house. The family is asking for prayers as the issue is
strange and shows the wickedness of man. The obvious explanation
associated to the madness is the blood taken with the handkerchief by
one of the kidnappers.


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