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The District Chief Executive in the Wassa East district, Hon Wilson Arthur on the 23rd October, 2020 ordered the police to effect an immediate arrest of the church of Pentecost Elder, S.T.K Addo who is also the proprietor of ‘Royal Rock Academy’ a private School at Ateiku in the Wassa East district of the Western region for allegedly defying the President’s directive.

Speaking in an interview with the DCE, he explained that he picked an exclusive intelligence from Ateiku suggesting that Elder Addo has reopened his private school for students to go back to school which according to Hon Wilson Arthur is in clear violation of the President’s earlier pronouncement on the School reopening that all Basic Schools and Senior High Schools in the country with the exception of the JHS 2 and SHS 2 are to officially return to school in January, 2021.

Hon Wilson Arthur described the action by the Elder as a hasty one and an emblem of disrespect to the President whom he the DCE is the representative of, in the district. He exonerate himself that he as a DCE has not arrested anyone but it is the law that has griped the proprietor.

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Meanwhile, the 68 year old Pentecost Elder, Mr S.T.K Addo, the proprietor of ‘Royal Rock Academy’ also hinted that, he has no retrogressive notion to act in such antagonistic manner against the President’s directive on the reopening of schools. He disclosed that a group of concerned parents pleaded with him that they have heard and witnessed that the other schools in the community (Ateiku) have organised ‘Special Classes’ for their students so they wanted the proprietor to do same for their wards .

Elder Addo expounded that he consulted his Circuit Supervisor for advice on the plea by the parents for which he was then advised by the Circuit Supervisor to make adequate provisions for the PPEs and ensure strict adherence to all the covid-19 protocols if the parents so wish before he could organise such classes for the pupils which according to Elder Addo, he did.

Elder revealed that, after satisfying all the covid-19 requirements, the classes begun with pupils in the lower primary. Three weeks later, the DCE, Hon Wilson Arthur with the police escort authoritatively stormed on the school’s premises to take photographs while the pupils were in school. “A few minutes after the photographs the police invaded in my shop to arrest me for allegedly defying the Presidential order”.

The proprietor bemourned that the police detained him in the Ateiku police cells for about three hours before he was apparently released by the police to write his statement.

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The parents who approached the school proprietor to organise the ‘special classes’ for their wards also explicitly attested and admitted that indeed they requested that the proprietor should engage their children for them in order to have the fullest concentration on their erands. According to the parents, they believe that the school environment is more secured to leave their children than leaving them at home where according to them there is no one to shield the children.

They expressed bitterness in the DCE to have gone that far by ordering the arrest of the proprietor of the ‘Royal Rock Preparatory School’ while other schools in the same community are doing same but chose to incriminate the Pentecost Elder.

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The matter is being investigated by the Wassa East district police command.

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