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Declaration Of Intent And What I Have For Ajumako UEW, Ruthnaomi Boye For Local NUGS President

Fellow Students!
I write to you as a colleague and friend who believes that you have a right to be heard, and that the way forward is selfless and Servant leadership. From the inception of our Local NUGS till now, I, Ruthnaomi Boye, have not hesitated in furnishing you with updates, volunteering to reach out to others, and coming in handy for you anytime the situation demands.

Today, I want to officially announce and explicitly declare my intentions to contest for the position of Local NUGS President

In this few years, I have dedicated to student service and leadership in school and other endeavors have changed the narrative for a lot of people, and especially for me. The need for an all-inclusive governance, where Local NUGS, Ajumako chapter will be active participants in leadership and decision-making cannot be overemphasized.

I assure you that, with Ruthnaomi Boye as your President for Local NUGS, you have executives respond to your needs, and prioritize your welfare amongst the rest.

I humbly request for your unflinching support and endorsement as I am Ready, Willing and Able to Serve you diligently.

Mission statement

  1. Quick facilitation of student loan processing and payment.
    With this, a lot of students have been complaining about the delay of students loan and I took a bold step to the headquarters (Accra) to make a lot of enquiry and our problems will be resolved soon.
  2. I will provide a lot of scholarship opportunities to students who are needy but brilliant, not only that but we have also realized teachers who are on payslip are equally on the students loan scheme, I won’t stop them, but will counsel them on how to go about it to reduce pressure to enable students without parents and/or seriously needy to enjoy. This will help them to have free inner spirit to study. I can boldly say I have single handedly assisted 5 students to get VC scholarship.
  3. Passport Registration. I went to the office for enquiry and I am told the fee is Ghs300, depending on the number of students who want to register; free buses will be given to us to register or we invite them to come to the campus to register depending on the number of students ready to participate in the registration.
  4. Registration of SSNIT, registration of E-Zwich and many more to aid in our student loan registration and for other opportunities.
  5. Entrepreneurship programs and certificates.
    This certificate will help us add value to our CVs when searching for jobs.
  6. Purchasing brailles for the blind on campus and chairs for pregnant women.
    Instantly, an example is the bus-stop stand point I am currently working on at the school entrance. Also, I have been able to write to the principal for these two things yet to receive a great response from him.
  7. Creation of local Nugs representatives in each department.
    Also, changing the face of colange to groom ladies and guys to become influential leaders; NUGs excellence awards.

In conclusion, I earnestly cannot win this game without you.
John Dickinson once said, “Together we stand, divided we fall”.
Kindly and respectfully vote for me.

Students welfare, my Priority.

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