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The deputy defense minister had recently expressed immense concerns over the current unexpected terrorist attack in most southern African countries as Ghana remains the only country yet to be attacked.

Speaking in a recent interview on JoyNews, the deputy defense minister, Kofi Amankwah Manu took the opportunity to send another strong message to the incumbent government and Ghanaians as a whole considering the recent unfortunate incident that happened to Togo not long ago.

With respect to this, the deputy defense minister later urged the government to prepare aside from being vigilant due to the rate at which these armed groups invade African countries in recent times.

” Seriously because if you look at the activities of these armed groups or extremists, they are first moving southwards. Not too long ago, on the 11th of April, 2022, Togo was hurt and that was serious. If you look at the modis operandis of these groupings, they are now coming out with sophisticated ways of doing things and so we cannot sit and fold our arms thinking that, all is well.

We need to be vigilant because if you lol around, all the countries around Ghana in one way or the other have been hit; we are the only country left standing.

Our country needs to prepare and we can’ t just fold our arms and assume everything is fine” , Kofi Amankwah Manu emphatically stated.

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