Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Renowned Gospel Musician Evangelist Diana Asamoah seems not to be leaving any stone unturned as she has now charged on pastors in the country.

The musician who has been trending in recent times following her new style of dressing and looks has come out to blast men of God telling them to preach salvation to their church members and not about her new manner of clothes.

Diana has been chastised, particularly by a segment of the clergy, for making a U-turn and dressing in the manner in which she previously chastised others.

Evangelist Diana Asamoah is known for preaching against the use of wigs, makeup, and other sinful attire by women, but she now wears wigs, high heels, makeup, and other ungodly attire.

Diana Asamoah disputed charges that she has betrayed God’s work because of her new fashion sense during a Facebook live stream.

She is heard saying; “I’ll never be ungrateful to God because I remember where he chose me from,” she says, “and I’ll keep preaching to win lives for Christ.”

“The bulk of Pastors, especially Evangelists, have made me a preaching topic, but they are not God to judge me.” Diana Asamoah said

“I know the tie between me and the one who called me to accomplish his task (God),” she concluded.

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