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Did The Whiteman’s Religion Rob Africa Of Her Cultural Identity?

In context,  what religion do we refer to here?

Begrudge it or leave it still,  religion is fashioned on the heroic life of an individual who gained a large following while living,  or his matyrdom, or natural death, made a saint in him, with massive following. Even if that saintly  figure was not lettered,  his followers hire scribes to document his private life and teachings for continuous proselytizing. The initial disciples are radicalised fundamentalists who forward the new institutionalised religion tooth and nail,  to win adherents.

Those won to the fold of the new religion are introduced to a new culture and life, affecting their choice of fashion,  cuisine, language and perspective of worldly outlook.

Chiefly,  religion is a political tool, so perfectly utilised to disarm and control the unsuspecting by the beguiling  dissembling usurper.

Africa had her religion before the colonial master introduced his god.

The god of the colonial master is an institutional mind-game,  professionally used in a gaslighting form to  rob the African  of his  betters,  supplanting the communal spirits of Ubuntu   with a debatable form of a religion that seeks to balkanise us more than uniting us for a common purpose to battle a common enemies in poverty,  illiteracy and selfishness.

Today,  in the Christian religion,  the Protestants see the Orthodox as lost and hellbound,  and vice versa.

That of Islam is worse.  Shia kills the Sunni,  the Sunni  not only kills the Shiites,  but also call the Ahmadi derogatorily as not being a Muslim enough.

With their cunningness,  the smart guys who could be tutored to compromise on our customs and traditions, and are christened pastors and imams,  have now been brainwashed to forever perpetuate the plundering works of the colonial master.

*No religion is robbing Africa’s culture,  but it’s the vestiges of colonialism that the African is finding difficult to escape its stranglehold,  that’s robbing us of our culture and traditions.*

When my native Goka people  believed in the deity Tamom and made sacrifices to her shrine,  they gave testimonies that touted the prowess of the now shunned and forgotten good god of old,  till the Christian god took centrestage of religiosity.

The Tamom that gave the Goka people rains,  seed of the womb,  and cure to plagues yesterday,   is no more consorted in important matters as they  would the adopted Christian god of today. 

With Africa’s latterday awakening Renaissance spirit,  I believe without a shred of doubt that our conformity to the New World Order would not subjugate us to an imported  lesser god, but from our pyramids,  from the pantheon,  the Lord Matiriya would shine as the Sun that illumine our darkened past, and those who pray will stretch a saintly hand towards the mountains of Africa, from every corner of the world.

Written by: Charles Yeboah (Sir Lord)

The Founder Of One Ghana Movement (#1GhM)

Contact/WhatsApp: +233249542111


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