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Disunity Is Giving Power To Covid-19 To Swoop On Ghanaians

Pilgrims to the holygrounds of Goka carry with them a legend that: before the Goka people believed in the seership of Maame Sarah as one sent by the heavens, there was this Hawk who swooped on the chicks, livestock, of the people.

In a single strike, with swiftness, this ravenous Hawk could prey on a dozen chicks. Some impaled in her talons and others in the stranglehold of the Hawk’s beak.

The Goka people mustered every art of hunting to kill this Hawk but none was successful.

Not even after employing the renowned hunter Bomofo Adu who not long ago had used his single barrel gun to shoot down a highflying eagle when the Chief of Goka needed feathers to make the hat worn by the Okra, Ntakrakyehene, or what we’ll otherwise call: the powerful young lad who sits in front of the Chief in the palanquin, at durbars.

To kill that eagle, Bomofo Adu won a wager or bet with it by aiming his gage at the eagle by looking at it flying above in the skies in a basin containing water and placed  on the ground at the townsquare. As the shadow of the eagle was spotted in the water, the pellets from the hunter’s gun brought it down with one trigger pulled.

That history should make killing the Hawk, a less evil to  the eagle, the easiest.

In the Hawk’s case, the Goka people were not lucky. Bomofo Adu’s hunting tactics were not successful. Disunity meant, even though he’s not known to wrong others, but he was nonetheless hated by those who thought his killing of the Hawk will boost his fame. Those enemies of human progress either shout to alert the Hawk of the hunter’s presence, or appear unannounced to meet the bullets if he was to fire at the Hawk.

In all these, the Goka people never gave ears to the prophetess Maame Sarah lamenting that if they don’t bury their divisiveness and selfishness, the Hawk will forever feed fat on their sweat, preying on their chicks, their livelihood.

The very divisive actions of the people empowered the Hawk in her preys, the very delicacy of chicken was now eluding the Goka people.

It was when the Hawk trespassed to the territory of Maame Sarah’s prayer camp, where chicks peck about, that it was held motionless by an unseen hand in the skies. Within minutes, world reached every ear in Goka telling about the miraculous trapping of the hated Hawk.

Whiles there, before a pebble from a young boy’s catapult brought down the Hawk to be used as a hunting trophy, they learnt the Maame Sarah was a unifier, and none of her associates had animosity against any soul. So, the trapping of the Hawk by the unseen hand could only be interpreted as the doings of the heavens to teach mankind that where there’s unity, the powers above intervene in our battles.

This Hawk said about, the sworn enemy of the Goka people, is not any different from the ravaging coronavirus, Covid-19,  that is threatening the lives of the Ghanaian people. In countries with better health facilities than Ghana’s, the; America’s, Italy’s, Germany’s, French’s, and the British’s,  the novel virus is exposing their limitations. That alone should have given the Ghanaian the hint that this battle is beyond the might of man and for that matter it’s time we live as a one Ghana with common aspiration for spoils from a battlefront. But no, Ghana is now turning this battle into a divisive partisan politics combat.

The actions of the major political party leaders derisively hoodwink their followers that it’s their special interventions that’s winning the Ghana the battle against the Covid-19.

The chasm is already created, and the followers of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) will listen to the President when he speaks in his late night broadcasts. Not so with those of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

In the marketplace and at large gatherings, after lifting the lockdown restrictions, it’s the NPP faithfuls who are more likely to use the personal protective equipments (PPEs), ie; the nosemasks, gloves and the others. The opposition didn’t give ears, or would not give credence to the word of the incumbent, president Akuffo Addo. The story wouldn’t had been different if it was the NDC that’s occupying the presidency.

The One Ghana Movement (1GhM) is not reneging on its clarion call to the Ghanaian populace that: in this crisis time, let’s learn it the bitterest way that if we don’t bury our divisiveness and unite at the battlefront, the Covid-19 will leave our shores, but with it would be dragged the name of Ghana, making her desolate.

A united Ghana is the proverbial combined spiderwebs that traps the lion in Covid-19.

Long live Ghana!

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Written by: Charles Yeboah (Sir Lord)

The Founder Of One Ghana Movement (1GhM)

Contact/WhatsApp: +233249542111


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