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Makye Show which was hosted by Captain Smart today 17th May 2022, was very interesting to watch. The panelists were on fire speaking about the bad nature of policies introduced by the incumbent President Of Ghana His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo.

Mr Okatayie Afrifa Mensah happens to be part of the panelists on the show. Some of the allegations levelled against the current Government by Afrifa Okatakyie Mensah were just unexpected.

Mr Afrifa Okatakyie is of the view that, his only problem in Ghana right now is Nana Addo’s Government. He is therefore, insisting for the right thing to be done as soon as possible for Ghanaians to enjoy their liberty and freedom.

According to Okatakyie Afrifa Mensah, Nana Addo is the only president in Ghana who borrowed than all other presidents in the history of Ghana. Okatakyie added that, he have all the facts about what he is saying and nobody can arrest him.

Okayakyie Afrifa further added that, in the history of Ghana, this is the only time fuel prices is rising unexpectedly without understanding. Okatakyie Mensay lament over family and friends Government who enrich themselves with the public purse at the expense of the ordinary Ghanaians.

” We will speak the truth all the time and I have all the facts of what I am saying. Nobody can arrest me and don’t even dare to do such a thing. This is the first time in the History of Ghana that Ghanaians are buying one ball of Kenkey at 4 Ghana cedis. In the history of Ghana, this is the first time Electricity company want to increase their tariff above 100%. We are facing a lot of problem in Ghana and our leaders are the cause of everything”. – Okatakyie Mensah Stated.

Captain Smart was astonished listening to Okatakyie Mensah Afrifa with vim and power on his show. The show was indeed a marvelous one.

Source: OnuaTv

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