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Ghanaian singer Efya has shared her opinion of what to should be done to men who rape women and children.

according to Efya in an interview on TV3, victims of rape should be castrated, that is their manhood must be cut off.

speaking about rape during a performance on TV3’s Urban Blend, the singer on her view said;

“Because I feel like it’s a disgusting act that has been
going on over the years through the generations and I think it’s time
that our generation actually did something about it.

Men who rape women are not treated the way they should be
treated because of the damage that they do cause to the woman, I feel
the same kind of damage should be done to the man.”

Efya added;

“if we castrate a few of them, they will stop because
they are very attached to that part of the body which they used in this
act, so we should take it away from them the same way that they take
away our dignity and our pride and our power when they rape us when we
are three years old…”

she then encouraged;

“I want every girl out there who is being abused…I want
you to know that something can be done about it just because the person
is taking care of you doesn’t mean that your life is going to be over if
you report it. I need everybody to speak. We need women to speak up. We
need the mothers to speak up. We need the aunties to speak up, the

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