Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Ghana will go to the polls in a little over 2 years from now. It may look like a far cry but already political figures are already pulling their heads to contest as flagbearers. For the NDC choosing a leader will not be a major problem as John Mahama is expected by many to lead the party. For the ruling NPP, it will be a struggle as many candidates are aspiring to lead.

Kennedy Agyapong, one of the leading NPP candidates has been speaking of what he brings to the table when he is elected as president of Ghana. According to Kennedy, none of those seeking to replace President Akufo-Addo have the capacity to continue the good legacy of the president aside him. He noted that he is the best that the NPP has.

Interestingly, Kennedy Agyapong said he will fight corruption and bring it to an all-time low. He added that the greatest action he intends to bring is the clock system which he expects to bring discipline. He explained that he will start changing Ghana by changing the thinking pattern of Ghanaians in 100 days. He added that government workers will have to sign in and out to ensure efficiency and productivity at offices.

We will introduce the clock system. Every worker has to punch the time they got to work. Time is money. We waste a lot of time. If you give me the chance, in 100 days I will change the mindset of the people and bring discipline. That is how we can change Ghana” Kennedy told Daddy Fred.

Kindly use the link to watch the video. Start from 6:00

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