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Sam George has been hooted at by Christians who are in support of the national cathedral. There are some people who are in support of the cathedral, but others are not. And these group of people are believed to hail from the Npp’s side and that is because it is their government in power. But this is not the case for Sam George who sees himself as a Christian and values the morals of Christianity. Sam George’s comment on the cathedral today was a remarkable one and people who paid attention to him have come to understand where he talks from.

With an initial commencement of controversy on the matters of the national cathedral, he revealed that he is not against the cathedral based on the notion that it is being used as a place of worship. But according to Sam George, there are things that need to be done and it seems the government is losing track of what they are supposed to do. The churches in this country according to Sam George are doing the work of the government whiles the government seeks to do the work of the churches which is almost in progress and do not need the hand of the government at this point.

Not to say government involvement in church or religious activities are bad. But he meant churches and government bodies are two parallel institutions that should not have hands in each other’s matters unless relevant. From Sam George, hospitals, schools, prisons and many other structures are being put up by churches but here we are in a situation where government is building cathedral instead of doing these mentioned things done by churches.

Aside this, the capacity of most churches as at now is overwhelming and this is why the issue of national cathedral does not stay too relevant. People saying he is against the cathedral for a person who claims he is all religious is false according to Sam George. And he would have no problem with it if we were in a better state as a country. But according to him in a biblical quote he made, the needs of the people must be met first before that of whatever that follows is considered. Hence, these allegations are false but his points remain solid on the fact that it is irrelevant to have the people suffer for personal satisfaction.

Source: Operanews

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