Authenticity Is Our Hallmark


“This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad”

Dearly beloved in the Risen Christ!

These words, the Response to the Psalm in the Mass of Easter Sunday, are what I wish to greet you in.

Christ our Lord is truly risen!Alleluia!

Nothing can stop that fact, that reality!

It may seem quiet and uncertain and fearful and hopeless – yet the fact is that He is risen! Risen, not for Himself, but for you and me.

I celebrated the Mass, the Holy Eucharist yesterday – alone, but with ALL of you in my mind and heart. I prayed for you each, bearing your prayers and intentions in my heart, and on your behalf, offering them up to God whose immense love has made the resurrection of His Beloved Son possible.

It felt quite strange in many ways:-

For the first time in my 32 years in the priesthood, I was  standing alone in church, although fully aware that I stood with ALL of you.

For the first time in these many years, I saw a physically empty church on Easter Sunday – as if to be told that the tomb is really empty, although I felt the heaviness of the many prayers and songs and scripture readings and offerings and fellowships shared in this Church.

For the first time, this most beautiful church, and all the many other churches in which I had prayed before, was so quiet on Easter Sunday; and yet I “heard” all the many “Hallelujahs” that were still being echoed in this and the other holy places.

Then I started imagining where everyone of you were, or doing, or thinking of; and I was certain, as I still am, that the sufferings and deaths, the fears and anxieties relating to the corona virus and all the havoc it has and still keeps causing in all parts of the world – were very high on people’s minds.

As I started the Holy Eucharist, I couldn’t help but fix my attention, not only on the Chalice that was right in front of me, but on this deeply moving picture of the Suffering Christ.

Thank God, it was so heartwarming that in spite of all the heavy weight of the passion around me, the reality of the Resurrection came very strongly to me.

And as your priest, I come to you to share these on Easter Monday morning:

Christ has died


Christ will come again

The corona pandemic is here staring  us in the face.

Fear and panic are all over us and shaking the foundations of even the greatest of nations.

Cures, vaccines and end to this pandemic seem so far from sight – and that adds to the anxiety.

People are losing their jobs, others are losing their faith

Some are losing their very lives.

But for us who believe, CHRIST IS RISEN

Hope is here.

Darkness will not prevail over light.

Fear will not defeat faith.

Death has been overcome by Life, life eternal, life in God.

Be assured that I will continue to remember everyone of you at mass today too.

Happy Easter!

Fr. Anthony Afful-Broni

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